Ottawa County Groundwater Study Results


1. To access the data, open the "Map Legend" tab below and toggle through the layers that are available.

2. To find specific values from the map, click Identify (the identify icon) and then click on the map. If the icon is shaded green, it is active.

3. If you would like to create a file to print a map, click Print (the print map icon) and a PDF file of the map will be generated after a few seconds (note: you may need to enable popups in your browser).

Model Results for 1960 - 2015

Model Results for 2015 - 2035

Submodel Results for 2015 - 2035

How to Interpret this Map

This mapping tool serves as a resource to access data created during the Ottawa County Groundwater Modeling Project. Be careful to interpret the data as modeled estimates only, as the infomation in this tool should be considered advisory only.